Sheila Gashumba

The two of the most overarching reasons women initiate breakups are getting bored and feeling she picked the wrong guy (the one no one else would consider fucking).

Women love mystery and the endless pursuit to figure you out.

They want to find out things on their own. That’s why they hate braggarts and talkative men.

So, giving her your phone takes away all that.

She needs to have that part of her that imagines you could be cheating. You’ve heard the saying ‘women want men who could cheat, but they don’t want them to cheat’?

Don’t deny her that opportunity. Women love emotional turmoil.

It’s what gets the juices flowing.

As long as you are taking care of her shopping needs, trips are organized, and in bed, you’re recreating a scene out of ‘Sex/Life’, let her be.




From what we’ve learnt from fantasy fiction, Hollywood romantic comedies, and tabloids, women cheat for the thrill.

Even evolutionary science shows that women want to sleep with the ripped chad during ovulation.

Reports on pornography consumption have shown that videos with violent scenes are mostly watched by women.

This takes us back to our title?

Are you the man who’ll face fuck her, ravish and ram through her pussy like a rhino or you’re the type that will give her smooth foreplay, vanilla sex, go down on her and keep telling her how she’s the best woman you have ever slept with?

Women want a man who can be both. But if you are not good at both, be the one that pumps the juices out of her. Tear that pussy.