[Choreplay?] Bobi Wine ties Barbie’s shoe

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2 min readOct 18, 2021


Bobi Wine with Barbie

There are things we do to arouse women before sex.

We call that foreplay.

There are married men who’ll do supplicatory things at home for the sake of pleasing women.

We recently saw a photo of Bobi Wine tying his wife’s shoes.

Was it necessary?

Considering that Barbie was wearing a long dress, if they were moving alone and her shoe became lose, it’s fine for Wine to help her.

But if he just did it out of duty, that’s not a habit you should copy.

First of all, kneeling in front of a woman is submissive.

[I don’t even endorse it for those proposing. I am also anti-giving head while in submissive positions.]

Now, going on to tie her shoes yet there are fellow women or ushers who could have helped in such an environment (it was a wedding so there are other women who could have helped), shows a man trying so hard to please his wife.

Bobi ties Barbies shoes

A man’s role in a relationship is to protect and provide. And, well, fuck.

Tying shoes is not among.

If you want a woman to keep aroused by you, you need to keep a bit of mystery.

While such an act might not affect Wine because of so much he has to offer, if you are not celebrity, avoid such mannerisms.

[That doesn’t mean I endorse it among celebrities. We’ve seen what Jada has done to Will Smith because of being a SIMP.]

Tying a woman’s shoes and other such behavior is attractive, but it’s not arousing. Learn the difference.



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